We call it awareness because as a business owner you have to be aware of all the risks and bottleneck in your systems. Having all the required skills to do security and resilience audits our mission is to make our awareness super clear.


There is always a way to increase performance but the main question at hand is usually about costs. So how can you find the best balance between Performance and Costs? It’s a good question, one which we will happily help you solve along the way.


Finally, costs directly drives the resilience and vice versa. Having resilience everywhere is always a good consideration to have in mind but are you ready to pay for that? Is it worth investing funds into product development now to make your product work, only to then redevelop resilience across all cloud components. Make sense?


Everyone knows how crucial and important security is. Cloud solutions do offer a huge amount of benefits but unfortunately does contain one big hidden problem - security. “No one knows what’s going on” is a good example of how security is usually handled in companies. With growing complexity the number of “open doors” to sensitive data will increase dramatically, that’s why our audit toolkit allows you to identify security problems in AWS deployment. Make sure you are always aware of “open doors”.


Raising costs is another big problem of improper cloud usage. Even when there is correct behavior of the system some cloud components just spend too many resources or wait for the work to be done. With our knowledge and experience, we can help decrease costs dramatically. It is not a secret that we are big fans of a Serverless paradigm because of three main reasons - costs, performance and scalability.