Serverless computing or “When not running the code, you will not pay anything”

Published on Nov 21, 2018 | 5 min read

A little about the experience of using serverless computing in large corporations and open source

Advantages of using Serverless Cloud Computing

It avoids time wastage and extra expenses.

The Seattle Times and Coca-Cola, only mentioning a few are some big organizations enjoying the profits of serverless computing in order to actuate the code with response to a chain of presented events. This greatly assists in managing the taskforce of servers eradicating occurrence of extra expenses.

Acts as a Service provider

To begin with a short history of serverless computing as a reliable service provider; it was the Amazon who gave out AWS Lambda serverless computing stage in 2014 new implication. The Amazon comes up with an entire innovative design for applications which operate in the cloud computing. AWS is supplied as part of Amazon Web Amenities, in addition, it performs like a compute provision which controls codes through observing the procedures and monitors the compute assets prerequisite via a code spontaneously.