Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Nowadays Data is the fuel of global Economics, so we must respect the way in which we understand and use it. With proper usage of your data, it can become a powerful tool to set your company apart against others.


Nearly everywhere and all the time Data has to be transformed, so why not use the benefits the cloud can give us. AWS EMR and AWS Glue could be a great choice as they are based on the well known Apache Spark framework which any IT team can develop the logic to extract, transform and reduce the Data.


Imagine if you could deploy a Hadoop ecosystem in a cloud! and have infinitive scaling capabilities. That’s not a problem if you know how to combine Docker and Kubernetes with Hadoop apps. However deploying SQL-on-Hadoop in Kubernetes may be tricky with full of obstacles in the way. So why not do it together! We have all the required toolkit to make this process enjoyable and less problematic.


Data can be a stream and streams can be full of raw data. So how could you manage, store and review it? Just like AWS has support to the Stream via AWS Kinesis it also make sense to review alternatives from the Apache Foundation like Kafka and Cassandra. If your dealing with historical data a better approach would be to try out


Our unique data analytics solutions give you the ability to run data via ETL workers in a cloud. We did this on purpose because we know that data workers only give value when they are in use. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive ETL engine if it is idle.