Process Assistance
Process Assistance

We gratefully respect the business process teams can have
and are ready to give you our support combining all the benefits of Cloud solutions,
without compromising the way everyday business runs in your company.
As a tech company you need to manage source code, build and deliver it to the cloud.

Our custom Serverless solutions allow you to manage all the tasks in a cloud and do sales
via a Serverless CRM system, and because this is Serverless, you only ever pay for what you use.

Source code in the Cloud

Whatever provider you choose to manage a source code with, we are ready to support and integrate it into the overall cloud architecture. As we have all the required CloudFormation templates, it’s possible to handle all types of Webhooks from Bitbucket , Github or native AWS CodeCommit .

Process Assistance

Deploy in the Cloud

With AWS CodePipeline we can configure continuous integration and always deliver infrastructure updates. AWS CodePipeline allows you to build, test, and update deployment every time there is a change in a codebase. AWS has no upfront fees or long term contracts so you are flexible and only pay for what you use.

CRM in the Cloud

Just like Cloud Cards, our Cloud CRM allows you to support sales activity and manage customers or clients in an AWS Cloud. With Cloud CRM solutions, there is no need to share your client’s database with CRM providers because all the data is stored on your AWS account under your full control and watchful eye.

Build in the Cloud

Build and test your apps with continuous scaling whilst only paying for the build time you use. We can help you manage build services that compile source code, runs tests, and produces software packages. With AWS CodeBuild, there’s no need for equipment, managing and scale build servers.

Tasks in the Cloud

Our Cloud Cards product allows you to deploy a Serverless app on the AWS account you manage. It also has all the same features of Trello and Asana, but has the added advantage of no monthly fees which means that you only pay for what you use. The product was built only using best practices of Serverless architecture, which means it is secure, safe and resilient by default. Also all the data is stored on the premise you control in an AWS DynamoDB tables.