Serverless Proposition

Yes, Serverless is about costs. Have an idea? Ready to do a Proof-of-Concept? But don’t have a big budget - then Serverless is definitely the choice for you. If your business relies on “pay as you go” charges for the customer - then Serverless is your choice. Need resilience, security and scalability out of the box – once again, Serverless is your choice .

Zero-like costs

No need to pay for AWS EC2 instances if they are idle 90% of the time . Think about what your apps actually do and if it is possible to decompose the system into independent modules/Lamda functions. We are certain that you have logic and common sense to move over to Serverless which would be a great choice.

API in the Cloud

API-only backend solutions benefit from Serverless architecture the most because the AWS API gateway directs or delegates invocation events directly to AWS Lambda . AWS API is a reliable, secure way to manage API with authorizers and validators that produce native AWS solutions in one place – at the edge of your system.

Web portal in the Cloud

CMS, e-commerce, `my account` type of apps usually require a stack of backend and frontend solutions. We already know how to build API solutions with Serverless and you can use AWS Cloud capabilities to host Frontend code if you want. AWS S3 + AWS CloudFront produce a practical use case. You will definitely need to configure the AWS Route53 and AWS Certificates but don’t worry too much, as it should be easy and super fun.